Fbody vette hub adapter (fits C4, SLC)

The 4th gen Fbody and C4 Corvette wheel bearings are fine for daily drivers, but they fail rapidly when under the stress of wide race tires out on the track. This hub adapter allows you to use either a C5 race bearing, or a C7 factory hub.

C5 Race Bearing: The factory hub for a C5 isn't much better than the fbody, but SKF makes a "Race" Version, which has a completely different ball bearing design. It also retains ABS for guys that need it.

C7 Bearing: If you buy a Factory hub from GM, it is manufactured by SKF. They employed the ball bearing design from the C5Race hub. In 2018, I redesigned my adapters to fit this slightly larger hub as well as the C5. Note that these bearings do not have ABS provisions. They're about $100 from GM parts dealers online.

Here's the history of this part: I was plagued with hub issues, often replacing them every track weekend. One race, I needed to make a panic stop, but I had no pedal. I have no idea how a massive pileup was avoided. I then heard that SKF made a special race bearing for the Corvettes, and some guys were running massive tires with no hub wear issues. I ordered myself an expensive bearing, and set about to finding a way to make it work. Then, other people seemed to like it, so I made them some. Now, I've sold almost 100 of these. Also, I'm still on my original set of SKF race hubs!

Almost no knock-back
ABS still works (LT1 cars have a different ABS connector housing). N/A for C7 bearing
Ability to easily switch back to a factory hub if there's a track-side issue
Brake rotor rests in exactly the same spot, so your factory brakes work, as well as any brakes that would fit your stock hub.
Same track-width as factory hub

The hub adapter is machined from Chromoly Steel. The whole assembly adds a little over a pound, but your life isn't worth saving a few bucks on materials. There are some thin walls that a lighter-duty material just wouldn't support.

What's included?
You'll receive a very detailed installation manual. » Full Installation manual (click here)
Brake plenum template. » Template Here (click here)
ARP bolts to attach the adapter to your spindle (Not intended for track brackets, contact for new bolt size)
Ultra high-strength socket head cap screws for attaching C5 hub to adapter
ABS connector housings (needed for LT1 cars only)
SHCS for attaching brake plenum plate to hub adapter (plenum plate not included, see template above)
Two hub adapters
Basically, everything you'll need except for the bearings themselves

Here's the cheapest place I've found the bearings, » currently selling for $375 here

The kit sells for $475 shipped to US48. I can accept PayPal or a check.
I build these in batches, so contact me to see if I have any in stock. If not in stock, I wait until I have 2 deposits before ordering another 6 sets from my machinist. These are expensive, and I can't have them sitting around long.

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